gww11The Glass Wire Wound temperature sensors have the same manufacturing concept of the CWW Ceramic Wire Wound sensors. This concept relies on sensing element which is a platinum wire wrapped around a glass core. This assembly is subjected to a certain temperature which fuses the platinum wire on the glass core surface. On that set, is applied another layer of molten glass that serves as a mechanical protection for the sensing element of platinum.

This concept ensures excellent resistance to vibration and mechanical shock. Another interesting feature of the GWW airtight construction is its resistance to humidity and direct exposure to acidic or alkaline liquid media.
Glass sensors are available in single or dual version and its typical operating temperature ranges varies from -200 to +400 ° C depending on the model.


Nominal Value: 100 Ω at 0°C
Temperature coefficient: 3850 ppm/K
Tolerance Class: IEC 751 : class B, A and 1/3 B
Closer tolerances in restricted temperature range.
Connection Wires: Platinum coated nickel wires.
Housing Advise: Can be used in most of liquids without protection (water, oil, solvent, acid…)