Quartz can be used in applications with operating temperatures up to 1100 ° C, conduction of UV and IR light, high resistance to mechanical and atmospheric pressure.

Quartz is a glass type which allows manufacturing the most varied geometric shapes such as visors, tubes, plates, wools, sintered/porous discs, bi-distillers, crucibles, capsules, bowls, reactors, triangles and sticks.
These products are made with leading-edge technology which confers quite superior intrinsic technical characterics on the plain glass (borosilicate).
The quartz products can therefore be used on applications requiring working temperature of up to 1100 ºC, UV and IR radiation conduction, and a high resistance to mechanical and atmospheric pressures.

Quartz Applications

Quartz glasses are used on high technology applications. Its physical properties do not interfere in the process. They ar largely used in the chemical, petrochemical industry and in the semiconductor and thermometry area.
The main applications are furnaces with temperatures up to 1200 ºC, visors and protectors of Ultraviolet and Infrared emitters, glazing for noble metals and semiconductors.
The possible geometric shapes are visors, pipes, wools, sintered discs, transparent or opaque plates, crucibles, capsules, bi-distillers, bowls, reactors and any other customized geometric shape.